Exhibitions:Photo Courtesy of Gina Asprocolas
Jamian's Food and Drink, Red Bank, NJ, November 2010
Atlantic Artisans, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, April 2010
Sonny's Bar and Grill, Belmar, NJ April 2010
Jamian's Food and Drink, Red Bank, NJ, March 2010
Starbucks, Neptune, NJ, July 2009
Owned by Private Collectors:
"La Planete Sauvage (Nick of Time Edition)" 2011
"Yankees Logo" 2011
"Hopeful, Hopeless" 2010
"Hearts in Absentia" 2010
"Weighing the Gold, Watching You Sink" 2010
"New York Rangers" 2010
"Candied Island" 2010
"Mother" 2010
"Is This Love?" 2009
"Sunrise over the Phillippines" 2009
"The Remorse of Introspection" 2009
"Cake for Everyone! (Aqua)" 2009
"Moustachio's Gong Show" 2009
"Kaiju Karnage" 2009
"Spectraumatic" 2009
"Companion Cube Love" 2009
"The End of Ideals" 2009
"Lily Pads" 2008
"The Tree" 2008 
"As You Were" 2008 
"Christian De Laszlo (Interpertively)" 2008
"Companion Cube Love (Bryan Edition)" 2008
"Asian Symphony #4" 2008
"Northern Lights" 2007
"Scar Tissue" 2007
"Sea of Green" 2007
Private Commisions can be viewed here Commissions.

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