Insurance by day, art by night.

When I was in college I considered pursuing film as my career. As I got closer to graduation I realized that an artist's life was not for me. I like my creature comforts too much: my king sized bed, ac at 62 degrees, buying dresses from Anthropologie on the regular, etc. Therefore pursuing a career in the arts was not my life path. 

Instead I went into insurance which ended up being cooler than I could have ever conceptualized. While that suffices as my day job and pays the anther bills I still need to rage out artistically. It helps me to relax, express emotions and watch tv for hours guilt free. 

In the more recent years I haven't dedicated as much time to art as I would like as I was pursuing my CPCU (nerdy insurance designation that was hard as hell to get). Having completed that in early 2016, I am now to dedicate more of my free time to art and I look forward to creating more. I hope you enjoy the site.