Miami Dolphins Painting of Foreboding Doom

One of the larger on-going painting jobs I have right now is for a 7 year old boy's sports themed bedroom. I have 6 paintings I am working of for 6 different teams. The first completed is the Miami Dolphins.

I currently have very mixed feelings about this painting. Why? Because on my Fantasy Football team Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills is my quarterback. The Bills played the Miami Dolphins today. How many points did Ryan Fitzpatrick put up you ask? Over his projected 17.56? NO!!!! 7.96!!!! What is that? Last week he only put up 4.84 out of his 22.51 projected. I didn't care so much because I destroyed my opponent last week 147.14 to 90.34 so Fitzpatrick's shameful showing didn't matter.

It's widely known in my league that my boyfriend runs my team. There are no illusion that I know what I am doing. My first week I accidently dropped Arian Foster thinking I was benching him when he was injured. So when this week Ryan felt I should leave Fitzpatrick in I trusted him. I thought I should put in Alex Smith (my other QB) instead, but no, Ryan said I should leave Fitzpatrick in because Miami's defense was horrible. APPARENTLY NOT!!!! Do I even dare torture myself and look up what Smith put up? Am I that masochistic? Well, another browser is currently being opened on my desktop...

23.38. Ugh.

Whatever. I didn't stand a chance this week anyway. Foster (who I did get back at the cost of Tony Romo and the gain of Fitzpatrick - good decision?) and Brown had a bye. Calvin Johnson didn't do me proud the way he normally does. Michael Bush was the lone star of my team this week. Lucky for Ryan, he picked Bush up for me in a stroke of genius one week. I hate losing.

Winning. That's what I like. Winning.