Adventure Time!

 8 by 16 Inches, 2011. ADVENTURE TIME can be purchase from my account - PURCHASE HERE.

I've been trying to finish this painting for at least 6 months. Last week, I was on vacation and planned to do nothing with my time. Just sit on the couch and veg. I had been so tapped out with painting, having consistent commission jobs since March that I just needed to walk away from painting. It wasn't fun anymore. I felt as though I left one job to come home to another. I was so against painting for a while, that I haven't done write ups on any of them, and the one write up I did was completely half-assed and I couldn't have cared less. It is most likely full of grammatical and spelling errors, and I just didn't care to re-read it.

Being on vacation and on break from painting for a while was great. There was no pressure to complete a single painting by a certain day. Apparently that was all it took. My desire to paint returned almost immediately. I finished a painting for Ryan that I have been working on for at least 8 months (the Mets logo). Then I started a new painting. And then I sat down and finished the long awaited (possibly be me only) Adventure Time! painting pictured above. It helped that the painting I had finished, Florida Gators, kind of rocked and can be checked out HERE.

I am ready to get back to painting. I have 8 more commission paintings in line. And several owed paintings that I would like to start on. However, I need to approach these differently this time. I have a job. I have a life. Priorities change and events you can not count on pop up. The enjoyment that I get from painting, I refuse to ever compromise that again by not giving myself the time I need to complete a painting. I want to always want to paint. It was a scary couple months. I really was not enjoying it anymore. Luckily my last commission painting, which I will do a write up on shortly, kind of brought it back. I'm ready to move forward and to find new inspiration and motivation. 

I also plan on doing more Adventure Time paintings, cause this one kind of rocked. And I do love Marceline the Vampire Queen!