House on the Bay

Markel, my day job, truly supports me both financially and creatively. All my commissioned painting as of late have come from my co-workers and supervisors. My most recent painting above, entitled "Barretts on the Bay", was commissioned by one of my favorite people I work with, Tom. He's really funny, smart, and makes work a better place to be. He brought about what is known around Markel as "Argyle Fridays" (see below - Tom is the one with his leg resting on mine) where anyone who wishes to participate wears some form of Argyle on Friday. Tom is dead serious about it too. Totally silly, totally awesome. 

More to Tom's credit, he is someone at work who has taken a true interest in helping me learn more and challenge me. It seems only appropriate that when he commissioned a painting from me, that too would be something that would challenge me, this time artistically not insurancely. Anyone who looks at my artwork can see I do a lot of abstract or bubbly, heart paintings. Not too much of the realism.

When Tom asked me to paint a picture of his family's beach house that was being rebuilt, I knew I could do it, but I also knew it would be more difficult, take more time, and require me to think more about my painting. Each part of the house was a challenge to paint. The windows, the shading, the trees, the pebble yard. How could I match the color? How could I make the plants look alive? As with most paintings, there was a time I thought it wouldn't come out. And as with most paintings, there comes a turning point that the painting starts to take shape and I can see what it will become. 

I delivered the painting today. Tom loved it. I hope his Father, the intended recipient loves it. And yet again with my art, I find it so cool to give back to those around me and to have something I made become part of their home.

Argyle Friday

Picture of the Beach House