Julie Britto Strikes Again

Yet another Romero Britto painting assignment! The first one I did was a Britto inspired engagement painting (click here to see). This time an old soccer friend wanted a replica of an actual Britto painting. Steph sent me the below picture of the painting and asked if I could do it. And I did.

My Interpertation

Romero Britto Painting












It was a great painting to work on and great way to kick of my inspiration coming back. I had a hard time painting this past year. Some of that I think had to do with not liking my painting space as much. Let's face it, an apartment that nearly kills you with Carbon Monoxide does not inspire imagination or creativity. It kills it, almost literally.

Being back at my parents has been great so far. I moved out for a year, had a great year being on my own, but ultimately I decided it was too hard to do it on my own. And I was lonely. I decided to move home for a year until I could a. find a roomate (Kathrny maybe?) b. buy a house (am I ready for that much adulthood?) or c. just needed to get out.

So far so good at home. I have a bigger room (with heat! and cable!!) so my prospects are clearly looking up. And the room has lead to a great painting already. I think this Britto assignment has been an omen of good things to come. 

I do miss my apartment and being on my own, but having laundry at my fingers, my dog and someone to cook me dinner occasionally really kicks but. And I can save money! Which is good because of potential life choice b. buy a house and also I am finally going to make my movie. I am currently in the process of collaborating with some talented people and will hopefully have a script written and a production under way. All in all life is pretty good. I leave you with some fun recent pictures. My new favorite of Ellis and me sticking our heads out the window during Hurricane Sandy.



Out with the Old, In with the New (Ideas - Hopefully)

I have been creatively blocked for a while now. I'm not sure what is it. I haven't felt like painting in a while now. I try, but just nothing wants to come out. I have no new ideas like I used to. I try to paint, and I just end up throwing out several canvases because what I have painted is just total rubbish. 

I'm not sure what it blocking me. Is it too many other things going on in my life? Not enough time for myself? Pressures of work and life? Or is it my space? I've had several issues with my apartment. I do love it and think it is great first apartment, but the Carbon Monoxide issues to say the least, I think has created a non-creative environment. 

"Cake for Everyone" 2010 So cute and happy. Belongs in your house!"La Planete Sauvage"













My lease ends September 30th. I'm leaving soon. My sister Kathryn and I are going to move in together. I am really looking forward to this.

One: I don't like living by myself. I get lonely and create scenarios in my head where some one breaks and and tries to murder me. To assuage these fears, I sleep with a switch blade by my bed and I create obstacles in front of doors so if someone breaks in I will hear them trip over/smash a door into my obstacle, then I will stab them. Seems like a good plan to me! 

Two: I feel like my apartment blocks creativity. There is just not a space that I like to paint in. My parents house I had my bedroom, the garage, the TV room, the basement. I created great things there. I don't here. Not sure why that is at all. It worries me I've just lost it. I know I haven't, I just have to get back there and make that a focus.

One of the ways I am trying to get there is I really want to get rid of some of my old artwork. I've had it for too long just sitting around, reminding me of what I can't create any more. So I post this here, if you are looking for some artwork, check out my etsy store here. If you like something but you don't want to pay what I have it listed, let's chat. There are certain pieces I will not bargain on. They help me create and I want what I want for them. However, there are several other pieces I would prefer to pass on. If it speaks to someone out there, and you think it would bring some harmony or life to your living space, I would like you to have it for what you can pay for it. I know times are tough for all of us out there. Growing up and becoming an adult is hard, scary and expensive. Paying for art is not always something that factors into the equation. I get that, and I want to get rid of some of my artwork and not have to move it with me to the next place. Below (and above) are some of the pieces I specifically would like to get out of my collection, so if you want it, make me an offer!

"Bryan" 2008 - I'm over the ex, I'm over the painting. Do you want to pay me some money for it?

"Untitled #1" 2008 - Isn't the blue just so calming? And look at that curly cue! Don't you want this somewhere that isn't my apartment leaning against a wall behind my unused rock band drums?

"The Series"Take one. Take them both.






"Weighing the Gold, Watching You Sink" 2010 - Purple and Gold, doesn't get more regal than that!"Sunrise of the Phillipines" 2008 - I just don't like this one. I don't have anything creative to say here.

"The Wave" - 2009 - Probably my favorite of these ones, but for the right home, I could be willing to negotiate.



House on the Bay

Markel, my day job, truly supports me both financially and creatively. All my commissioned painting as of late have come from my co-workers and supervisors. My most recent painting above, entitled "Barretts on the Bay", was commissioned by one of my favorite people I work with, Tom. He's really funny, smart, and makes work a better place to be. He brought about what is known around Markel as "Argyle Fridays" (see below - Tom is the one with his leg resting on mine) where anyone who wishes to participate wears some form of Argyle on Friday. Tom is dead serious about it too. Totally silly, totally awesome. 

More to Tom's credit, he is someone at work who has taken a true interest in helping me learn more and challenge me. It seems only appropriate that when he commissioned a painting from me, that too would be something that would challenge me, this time artistically not insurancely. Anyone who looks at my artwork can see I do a lot of abstract or bubbly, heart paintings. Not too much of the realism.

When Tom asked me to paint a picture of his family's beach house that was being rebuilt, I knew I could do it, but I also knew it would be more difficult, take more time, and require me to think more about my painting. Each part of the house was a challenge to paint. The windows, the shading, the trees, the pebble yard. How could I match the color? How could I make the plants look alive? As with most paintings, there was a time I thought it wouldn't come out. And as with most paintings, there comes a turning point that the painting starts to take shape and I can see what it will become. 

I delivered the painting today. Tom loved it. I hope his Father, the intended recipient loves it. And yet again with my art, I find it so cool to give back to those around me and to have something I made become part of their home.

Argyle Friday

Picture of the Beach House


Wouldn't You Me Like As Your Assistant?

This past Christmas I was poor. Really, really poor. Poorer than I've ever been since graduating college and working at my big girl job. There was one reason for this poordom: I had just moved out. 

While it was the best decision of the year, it made the prospect of Christmas presents a bit scary. Especially that now at work I was working closely with my Underwriters and knew I would be getting many bottles of wine. I wanted to give something to them as well, but where there was 1 of me, there were 8 of them. Even baking wise, that was going to get expensive. I decided to exploit myself being an artist. On one hand I could get them all relatively cheap gifts (not accounting for time put in), and perhaps I could get another paid art job from this.

"Heart" "Baxter & Georgie"












At this point, I was also about to get my back surgery again. Bye, bye nerves! Burn those suckers out. This meant I conveniently had 2 days off work to just sit around, watch TV and paint. Not only did I enjoy it, but everyone loved the gifts. One of my younger female Underwriters ran over to my desk and hugged me. It's nice to see that each of my paintings are lovingly displayed in everyone's cubes.

Also, I ended up with another painting job from one of my favorite Underwriters. Said favorite Underwriter commissioned a painting of his family's beach house as a present to his father. It is a challenge, but one I am enjoying and rising to.

Painting I am working"Frylock"



Cuttyhunk Island

Patrick Perrotto is my friend. He is a cool dude. One of my favorites. Someone who has been a fan and supporter of my artwork from the moment I met him. So a few weeks ago when his lovely girlfriend, Christine Rochelle, asked me to do a painting for him as her Christmas present to him, I couldn't have been more excited for the opportunity to paint something for him. To make it better, she was asking me to paint a painting of him.

Pat is a huge fisher. This past year, he took a trip to Cuttyhunk, MA to go fishing with some buddies. Many pictures came out of the trip, but the one that Christine liked most was one of Pat out in the middle of the water, fishing from some jetti rocks that are almost completely underwater. She emailed me the photo and asked me to paint my version of it. 

Here is the picture:

And this is what I came up with:

It was a fun project to work on. First off, it was for Pat. So that ruled. It was also for Christine who, upon hanging out with more and more lately, is one awesome lady. And it allowed me to be a part of their Christmas magic, which was very cool for me.

It was also a challenge. When I got the picture, at first I was like "I can do that!". Two weeks later with the canvas hardly painted and Christmas fast approaching, it changed to "Can I do that?" I knew the most important and challenging part was going to be giving life to the water. I needed it to look like the water was moving, like it was softly crashing into the rocks around Pat as he fished. It took a calming day at my parents house while watching a Law & Order SVU Season 12 marathon to get it. 

After the hand off to Christine, I anxiously awaited the report of how Pat liked it. Christine said after opening only a corner Pat said "You got a Julie painting!", then realized it was him, then walked all around the apartment trying to figure out where to hang it. I can't wait to go to their place and see it too!